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Margaret Echols

Margaret Echols

SBA Settlements

Margaret Echols is proud to say she’s “born and raised!” as a native of Memphis, Tennessee. She began her career right out of high school at National Bank of Commerce in 1980 as an Account Information Clerk and learned more about the business every day.

In 1985 she joined Morgan Keegan where she was hired as a data entry clerk. Within a couple of weeks her role switched to an Assistant to the Municipal Trading Desk and, after a few years, became a valuable part of the Secondary Market/Repo Trading Desk. Margaret assisted with establishing the Secondary Market Trading Desk and operating the Secondary Market Operations Department for Stifel Nicolaus and Stifel Bank and Trust in June of 2012.

Margaret is now part of Banes Capital Group as Vice President of SBA Settlements, with 35 plus years of experience in the Fixed Income Capital Market and over 13 years in Banking. Her knowledge of Secondary Market products is widespread, she is versatile, self-motivated, creative, and not afraid of hard work.

Margaret strongly believes that life and family is priceless. She married in November of 1979, and her husband, to this day, is her best friend. They have six children and twenty-one grandchildren; birthdays, anniversaries, school activities, holidays, or any given weekend can turn into a big celebration planned or unplanned before, during and afterwards at their home.
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