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Mary Orr

Mary Orr

Sr. Vice President

Mary Orr began her career in the whole loan secondary market more than 20 years ago and has literally spent half her life immersed in whole loan analytics, sales, and transaction management across all asset and credit classes.

Early in her career, Mary honed her skills in negotiating pricing, best execution, purchase, sales and servicing agreements, due diligence, and funding working with Michael Dubeck both as an outside broker and as part of Prudential Securities Institutional Finance Group. She spent 10 years working independently and collaboratively with Greenwich Capital and Whole Loan Capital, LLC to place in excess of $1B of whole loan offerings.
Mary enjoys gardening, reading, writing, and volunteering in her church and the local community. She has found profound meaning and comfort in volunteering as a home hospice caregiver.

Education: Rutgers University

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